Handcrafted sandwiches blend artistry and taste, with each layer telling a flavorful tale. From artisanal bread to carefully selected fillings, they embody culinary excellence in every bite.



ONION SOUP: Caramelized onions, Bloomsday cheese, provolone 

CURRY CHICKEN: Spicy curry, scallions, boiled egg, raisins

BEEF: Beef, potatoes, boiled egg, and chilis

THE VEGGIE: Pesto, cheddar, mozzarella, roasted onions

BREAKFAST: Poached egg, Canadian bacon, crispy bacon, cheddar, mozzarella




FARMERS MARKET: Arugula, pickled butternut squash, goat cheese, apple, pepitas, sunflower seeds


CHICKEN: Salsa verde, mix of greens, croutons, soupy bacon




Poached egg


Mixed greens


Soupy bacon



BREAKFAST: Focaccia, mustard, cheese, bacon, poached egg, jalapeno jam


PESTO: Focaccia, roasted peppers, grilled chicken breast


BLT: Focaccia, bacon, soupy, greens, roasted tomatoes, poached egg 


HAM, & CHEESE: Bao bun, ham, provolone, American, mustard, pickles


CHINESE BBQ : Bao Bun, 5 spice ham, sweet char siu sauce, turnip pickles


THE VEGGIE: Bao bun, goat cheese, roasted peppers, potato sticks, mixed greens


CEASAR SANDWICH: Basil bread, shredded chicken, garlic aioli, bacon, sriracha


PERUVIAN CHICKEN: Basil bread, shredded chicken, potato sticks, mixed greens, salsa verde,

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THE GRILLED CHEESE: Bao bun, American, cheddar, mozzarella


6 wings                         $10

12 wings                       $20

BUFFALO WINGS: House made buffalo sauce, carrots, celery, pickles

SMOKING CHICKEN WINGS: Peruvian adobo, cucumbers, pickles


Bread & dip


LABNEH: Smoked honey, poached egg, basil bread, sunflower seeds




Garlic aioli 


Fermented mustard 


House made Buffalo 


Salsa verde