“Creativity is king here. The French Onion Soup empanada was a revelation of melty cheesy, oniony goodness, and a plate of perfectly cooked, crispy wings was served with a side of cooling homemade pickled veggies. The emphasis is on local and fresh-from-the-farmer’s-market and we loved watching the empanadas being hand-crimped.”
- The "e" List (click for full article)

“Really loved the flavors of my club sandwich with smoked chicken! Definitely some toppings I'm not used to - but it was different than the typical grinder...”
- Mike (Waterford, CT)

“Went shopping on a rainy vacation day at the Stonington Velvet Mill - and were amazed by our lunch at Masa. It reminded  us of authentic dishes we've tried in South America, but has a unique flare. We wanted to try everything on the menu!!”
- Rachel (Boston, MA)

“JUST TRY MASA! The empanadas are the real deal. You can hold them in your hand, but still juicy and bursting with taste.”
- Joel (Mystic, CT)