Masa: Artisanal sanguches


Feature Dishes

Handcrafted sandwiches blend artistry and taste, with each layer telling a flavorful tale. From artisanal bread to carefully selected fillings, they embody culinary excellence in every bite.



We believe in natural work, done in the traditional way and we meet quality standards to deliver a handcrafted product made entirely by ourselves. The meats and hams served en masa are made by our own hands. We bake our own bread and make all our pickles and sauces.
Our empanadas are prepared traditionally and by hand one by one, with dedication and time; We use natural dyes for the colors, as well as local ingredients

What is MASA?

Masa is a “sanguchería” that is, a popular street place where sandwiches are sold. Throughout Latin America, there are places like this inside markets, in public places such as a plaza, a park, or outside the soccer stadium.
 We pay tribute to those street vendors, proud of our Latin roots, we adapt the traditional classic flavors with local ingredients to transform them into a modern and creative option.

With the farmers market?

Our gastronomic offer is simple, innovative and creative, it uses local inputs with the aim of disseminating the productive potential, seeking the revaluation of both the products and the producers. That is why we use seasonal supplies that we find at the farmers market that visits us at the velvet mill every week.

Located in the velvet mill

22 Bayview Avenue, #8
Stonington, CT 06378


Saturday – Sunday

Wednesday - Friday

8:30am – 6pm

10:30am – 6pm

Monday - Tuesday